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Top Seven reaons why should hire an experienced Epoxy floor installer

Although the materials are available, installing an epoxy floor yourself is a challenging project.  Here are seven reasons why a do-it-yourself epoxy floor installation can fail.

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we understand the longevity of our company is dependent upon repeat business and referrals from highly satisfied clients. This can only be accomplished by providing you with the highest level of workmanship and attention to detail. Our goal isn't simply to meet your expectations, it's to exceed them. And our reputation proves it.

Greg Wilson, Founder


About us:

Ultimate Garage is a network of professionally trained contractors specializing in and offering a variety of coating systems to meet your specific needs for both residential and commercial applications. Because we use only industrial grade products requiring specialized equipment and training, our floors should never be confused with do-it-yourself kits. Our proprietary methods, combined with more than 30 years of specialty coatings experience, ensure professional results. In addition to floor coatings, we also offer garage cabinets, wall organization systems and overhead storage racks with installers serving the Pacific Northwest and Southern US: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Texas & Tennessee. For pricing or to locate a contactor near you click on Local Installers.

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